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What to Expect From a Physical Therapist in Tampa

Oct 18

Do you suffer from physical pain? If so, physical therapy in Tampa, FL may be the best solution for you. Physical therapists in Tampa, FL work to treat physical injuries and diseases in a variety of ways. They use physical means such as exercises and massage, but they also prescribe medication when appropriate.


What is a Physical Therapist?

A physical therapist Tampa is a healthcare professional who helps people who have injuries or illnesses regain their physical function. A physical therapist uses treatments like heat, ice, massage, and exercise to reduce pain and improve mobility. Tampa physical therapy may help you move better for everyday activities such as bathing; getting in or out of bed; cooking; shopping; doing housework or yard work. You will begin your physical therapy program with an evaluation by the physical therapist that includes taking a history of your medical condition(s), symptoms, prior treatments, current medications being taken (including over-the-counter products), and past surgical procedures/history if relevant to the problem being treated at this time. The goal of the initial evaluation is to identify all factors related to patient physical impairment, physical therapy goals, and treatment recommendations.


Why do you need a Physical Therapist?

A physical therapist in a physical therapy clinic Tampa is a highly qualified professional who can help you recover from an injury or medical condition, and prevent future problems. Physical therapists (also known as PTs) work closely with doctors to assess injuries and design the best treatment plan for their patients. They may treat individuals of all ages including pediatrics, infants through seniors – everyone! A physical therapist has expertise in:

  • pain management techniques
  • functional training (assistive devices such as crutches), gait training, transfer training (bed to wheelchair)
  • improving muscle strength and endurance through exercise programs that promote mobility and balance

They also teach how to properly use assistive equipment like wheelchairs, walkers & braces; recommend exercises and physical activities; and help people move with ease.


How to find a Physical Therapist in Tampa

Finding an experienced physical therapist can be difficult when you don't know where they practice or who specializes in certain conditions like stroke rehab.

There are Westchase physical therapy Tampa clinics, physical therapists, and physical therapist assistants in Tampa. You can find a physical therapist by using an online service or you can contact the local hospital to ask for referrals.

If you prefer one on one interaction then schedule some appointments with different physical therapists before choosing who to work with long term. This will give you time to get all your questions answered about what they do, their experience level, and how many patients they see each day. If the physical therapist is not available during business hours it might be best if you choose someone else since emergencies won't allow them enough time for follow-up care after the end of their session. The next step would be finding out which insurance plans cover manual physical therapy Tampa treatments here in Florida.

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