What Services Do Housekeepers Typically Provide?

Cleaning your house

What are the most common services housekeepers provide?

If you’re skeptical that you can keep your home spotless and clean, you are not the only one. The majority of homeowners have little time to breathe, let alone clean the oven, between work and social events and children’s activities.

A housekeeper can come in handy. It’s important to remember that professional housekeeping is not only available for those with a lot of money, but also more affordable.

NW Maids actually makes it our business, to refer customers from all backgrounds and budgets the best housekeeping or housecleaning service providers in Pacific Northwest. This is because you may not be familiar with what the service might include or the costs.

So what are the services professional housekeepers actually offer?

It may seem simple, but there are many more answers than you can imagine!

Why use professional housekeeping services

A Tidy and Clean Space

A clean environment is crucial for happy, healthy living. Professionals can handle the task efficiently regardless of how busy you are, or if it is something you simply don’t enjoy doing. You can focus on your day and not worry about cleaning dishes or the bathrooms. This provides you with the necessary peace of mind to help you function at your best. With a professional cleaner by your side you can make use of that time to take care of yourself, your family or work.

It’s not necessary to always have a supply of cleaning supplies. Paying employees can typically expect them bring their own cleaning products. While it is possible to have your own supplies for a quick fix, you will never be able enough for large-scale, thorough cleaning.

More flexibility regarding your requirements

Housekeepers can be hired for specific tasks. If you’re expecting guests, for example, you may need only deep cleaning the guest room. The service can be hired for any final touch-ups after guests leave.

A Job Done Right

Even though you may be better at cleaning your home than a professional, you might not be the best at cleaning. There may be some things that you are not aware of or don’t want. This could be your ceiling fans or any corner of your toilet. These areas are not easy to reach or require special equipment. A professional will clean all corners of your house, no matter what difficulty they may present.

Say Bye to Pet Shedding, Odor

It is likely that you will have to clean your house more often if your pet is a dog or cat. It’s due to the pet’s shedding. You can also say goodbye to pet smell . Professionals will ensure that your house is always clean and smelling fresh. This means you won’t have to worry about unexpected guests visiting. You’ll also be able to return to your home with a new, refreshed feeling.

Experience and More Cleaning Knowledge

It is no surprise that professional housekeepers do a better job cleaning and maintaining the house. This knowledge allows them to determine the best products for each surface. You don’t want to use products that fade the furniture’s color or leave marks on your appliances. The professionals will recommend the correct products for the right surfaces. This will ensure that your home remains in a good condition.

When should you hire professional housekeeping services?

Your are a Working Person

It is not the best thing for you to come home to an untidy and dirty home after a long day at work. So take the time to treat yourself and let your mind relax so that you can get back to work the next day. This responsibility will be taken from you and the housekeeper will do a wonderful job of fulfilling it.

You are a busy parent or have a social life

The hustle and bustle of a social life, children, pets, or having children can result in dirty dishes building up and furniture getting dusty. You will be able to concentrate on your family and friends by hiring a professional housekeeper.

Your New Baby

A newborn can be a drain on your energy and time. Mothers must care for their babies full-time. It is important to allow them to have a break from all household chores. You can rest easy knowing that your housekeeper will keep everything in order.

Cleaning Isn’t Your Forte

Cleaning is not an easy job and is certainly not for everyone. If you feel overwhelmed by housekeeping, it is okay to be honest. Even though you enjoy cleaning the house, you may not be an expert at it. To ensure that your living spaces are in the best possible condition, you need to learn new housekeeping methods. If this seems like a lot, it is worth hiring professional help.

Your Frequent Traveler

Your home may still require regular cleaning and maintenance if you frequently travel for work or fun. You can be a security risk by not cleaning your home every once in awhile. Hiring an experienced housekeeper will ensure that your home is kept clean and organized when you are not there. You’ll feel secure knowing someone is monitoring your home and checking that everything is in good order.

What Housekeepers Offer?

The first thing you should know is the difference between “home cleaner” and “housekeeper”. For example, the former is someone that you usually hire for one-off jobs or large jobs, while the latter is someone who will make more frequent visits to your house.

NW Maids collaborates with hundreds service providers throughout Washington and Oregon, so we can accommodate all your cleaning requirements, no matter how large, small or frequent. The term “housekeeper” can be used interchangeably with the terms “housecleaner”.

One thing you should know about professional housekeeping is that you are the boss! There are some jobs that a cleaner might not be qualified to do but the majority of services are covered and priced according to your budget and requirements. NW Maids is a seasoned professional who makes housekeeping easy by offering a partial or full service based on the number and size of the rooms. Add an extra service, such as basement cleaning, oven cleaning or move-out clean, to your contract.

What can you expect from housekeeping staff once you have hired them? Our professional housekeepers take on the following tasks at Northwest Maids to allow you to relax and go about your day with no stress.

Let’s just say that we need to get started.

Basic Cleaning Services

A clean home makes it feel more welcoming, pleasant, and healthier. Our assistants have both the experience and qualifications necessary to clean your living areas. These services include:

Bedrooms & Living Areas

Living rooms and bedrooms see the most foot traffic. Therefore, they are more likely get dirty, dusty, or disorganized than other parts. These are where housekeepers will focus their efforts. This is where you can expect your housekeeper to be:

  • Dust all surfaces. This means that you should thoroughly clean all countertops, shelves and tabletops. Also, clear out any clutter or garbage.
  • Clean out all fixtures and mirrors . Glass and light fixture can accumulate a lot of dust and spiderwebs. A good polish will restore their beauty.
  • Floor cleaning. No matter whether you have carpets or rugs made from wood or laminate, it is important to clean these surfaces.
  • You can take any bedding, clothes or other items that are in your bedroom and arrange them in the right spot. A quick tidying up of the rooms for children can make a big impact.
  • Garbage pickup. Housekeepers clean up after themselves, but also for you and your family. Any garbage or recyclables that are found in the living-room bins will be removed.

Bathrooms & Toilets

The bathroom must be at bottom of the list for housekeeping duties. This room is subject to extreme heat and moisture, which can lead to mold, mildew, and staining. These services are usually covered by most housekeeping providers:

  • Wash all “wet”, surfaces. To give them a healthy glow all tubs and sinks as well as toilets are to be scrubbed, cleaned, and sanitized. This removes mildew and gives each surface its fresh, clean aroma.
  • All mirrors and fixtures should be cleaned. The appropriate cleaning solution will give bathroom lights and mirrors a polished look.
  • Make sure to clean all floors. Bathroom floors and bath mats are easy to get stained. They can be restored to their former glory with a quick mop, polish, or a shake.
  • Throw out all garbage. The bathroom garbage bins in the bathrooms are often overlooked, but your housekeeper is going to make sure they get taken away.

Kitchen and Dining Areas

Ask anyone, and they will tell that the kitchen really is the heart of the home. It is the area where your family spends most time. Your housekeeper can personalize your service, depending on your needs. On most visits, the following will be completed:

  • Dust all countertops. Your maid will tidy up all the mess on your countertops, dispose of trash and arrange what you want to keep. Your maid will then dust all surfaces (including behind and underneath appliances) so that you return home to a spotless kitchen.
  • Empty all dishes from the sink, and then load up the dishwasher. Be careful if your children are known for leaving glassware and cups around the kitchen. These items can be picked up by your housekeeper, washed off, rinsed, and placed in the dishwasher.
  • Wipe your appliances. In order to keep them looking great, your fridge, stove and other appliances will need to be cleaned frequently. Depending on the condition of the appliances, your housekeeper may use the appropriate cleaning agent to make them look new again.
  • Dust and clean your floors. It is the most satisfying thing in the world to have a kitchen floor that is clean. Your housekeeper can clear away any extra clutter and mop all of your floors to a shining shine.

Special Services (Extra Charges Apply)

There will be times when you require something more than the above-listed services, from spring cleaning to move-ins/move-outs. These situations are easy to handle with our list of specialized housekeeping services. Your housekeeper will then perform the required task on their next trip. These include:

  • Cabinet washing: Cabinets and cupboards are specially designed to hold plates. This is a great service to consider if you’re afraid of what might lurk behind those fruit snacks.
  • Cleaning your oven and refrigerator: It is a good idea to clean out your refrigerator every few months and give it another deep cleaning. This can prevent mold or stains from growing. Your oven is the reverse. The best way to prevent that smoky smell is to clear it off with a powerful cleaning agent.
  • Polishing interior windows: Window cleaning can be done as a standalone service but we offer it to you as an add-on so that you and your family save time and money. Your housekeeper will clean every inch of your interior windows to ensure streak-free viewing.
  • Deep clean: It happens every now and then that you get the feeling that your house is in dire need of a thorough cleaning. Deep cleaning is different to regular cleaning because it pays extra attention and covers every space. If your house hasn’t had professional cleaning in a while it is likely that it needs deep cleaning. You can request additional services such cleaning the inside of your oven, fridge, and cabinets. You get everything you need in our standard packages. However, we take extra care to get into the small details.
  • Moving into/moving out Cleaning: There are two points in a homeowner’s day when they must leave their house clean and tidy: when moving in and when moving out. Moving in and moving out can be stressful and time-consuming. It is not something you want to add on to your list. For a complete cleaning service, we will vacuum, mop, dust, clean and wipe down all areas of your home.
  • Ironing, Laundry: Washing and ironing large quantities of clothes isn’t everyone’s favourite activity. You can trust our housekeepers to do the dirty work for you and deliver clean laundry that is wrinkle-free and wrinkle-free. We’re more than willing to do your laundry while you’re away. Simply leave us detailed instructions as to what should be washed. The dryer will be ready when you return home.
  • Vacuuming: We vacuum every floor in your house, tile floors included, hardwood floors, stairs, and all carpeted floors.
  • Dusting: Each surface of your home is meticulously brushed and we make sure every corner is covered. We also take care to the little things, like ceiling fans.
  • Cleaning: We clean all floors including tile and hardwood. Our housekeepers also ensure that all baseboards have been cleaned and mopped.
  • Sanitizing Sanitizing It is very important to clean areas that can be contaminated by bacteria and germs, like kitchen sinks and bathrooms. You can use these areas safely with our services.
  • Dry or wet wiping:We wipe down mirrors, glass surfaces (taps, etc.) by thoroughly wiping them. If there are areas that are infested from old gunk and mortar, we will take extra measures to thoroughly scrub them out.
  • Simple Touchups: After taking care all the main duties, professionals offer final cleaning touches such as fluffing cushions, straightening carpets and rugs, or correctly positioning chairs.
  • Interior Wall Cleaning: If walls are not cleaned frequently, dirt, dust, and bacteria will quickly build up. To reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, make sure your walls are clean. Your home will look more tidy and organized. If your walls have become shabby, we can provide a deep-cleaning to bring back their original charm. Our technicians use the best tools, techniques, and materials to make wall paint last longer while getting rid of any unwanted dirt.
  • Cleaning baseboards: We thoroughly clean, scrub, and sanitize any dirty baseboards.

Additional Ad Hoc Services

Many housekeeping services offer flexible services that can be added to their customers’ needs. Some of these may include:

  • Food and snack preparation: Depending on your dietary and preference requirements, our housekeeping specialists can prepare meals or snacks. It’s not necessary to sacrifice quality or taste to enjoy delicious meals when you return home. When they are done with the meal, you can expect them clean up.
  • Pet care: Some pet-care services offer services for your pet. You can rest assured that they are well-fed, stimulated, and happy. This includes taking your furry friend for daily walks, giving them food and playing with her.
  • Housekeepers may run small errands for you, like dropping off laundry. But, it is worth contacting the facility to find out if they are available to take on the responsibility. Book the service by clearly indicating your needs.

What Are You Not Supposed to Get from Housekeeping Services?

Housekeepers don’t have to perform certain tasks. These may include tasks that aren’t listed in their job description and those that could place them in danger. Expect them not to take on tasks that are beyond the scope of their abilities, knowledge, or willingness.

Heavy Outdoor Cleaning

Outdoor cleaning can be dangerous and requires you to climb on top of the windows to clean them. This job might not be for your average housekeeper. This kind of work requires specialized equipment and knowledge, and it can prove very dangerous.


Your housekeeper isn’t a nanny so it wouldn’t be reasonable for them to provide child care. The main duties of a housekeeper are to clean and maintain the home. You need to be realistic with your expectations.

Cleaning Human Feces

Exposure can lead to serious health problems. If you face such a problem, contact a waste disposal service.

Unclogging Drainage

Housekeepers do not clean bathrooms. However, they can unblock drain pipes and repair any other minor problems. A plumber can quickly and efficiently solve such a problem.

Heavy Lifting

Housekeepers must not carry or move any item that exceeds 35 pounds. This is to ensure their safety. So make sure you find a company that caters to heavy lifting.

How Do You Prepare Your Home for Your Housekeeper

The time and effort-saving benefits associated with having a housekeeper should already be apparent. Many NW Maids clients are often confused about what to do when their housekeeper arrives. The good news? You don’t really need to clean, because that would make the whole thing pointless. But, here’s a checklist that will help make your first clean-up a success.

  1. Don’t worry about the mess!

Your house was cleaned by a professional, not an inspector to check the cleanliness of your home. Do not stress about cleaning up extra or keeping the house clean. Our service providers know what it takes to make your house shine again. And that’s why they charge you!

  1. It’s been said, Move Your Belongings

Your cleaner may need to be able to access the surfaces better by moving toys, clothes, books and other clutter. You don’t have to do any work. The goal is to protect your home. If in doubt, the housekeeper will typically advise you to avoid moving any items.

  1. Make sure to include in your Order Form

NW Maids offers an easy-to–use order form that is simple to use. This can be used every time you need our services. This is a great way to discuss any special or unique requirements. How can you ensure that your grandmother’s beautiful china is not moved? No problem. Want to give your bathroom a little more attention? We have your back. We are here to help.

  1. Avoid sweating the Equipment

We make sure each service provider with whom we work has everything they need in order to clean your home. We don’t want customers to feel like they have to provide any paper towels or gloves, cleaners, etc. Simply relax and place your order. Then, enjoy the new house.

Professional Home Cleaning You Can Count On

NW Maids makes it our mission to provide affordable, reliable cleaning for homes throughout the Pacific Northwest. As a housekeeper refer company, we offer our customers instant access the best cleaners across Washington and Oregon. We make it easy to access our services, and we try to keep them affordable.

Call the team that can provide professional cleaning services at a cost you can afford if your ready to commit. NW Maids.

When should you hire professional housekeeping services?

It is usually recommended that you hire housekeeping service to clean your house once a week. This is especially true when you have children and pets. If you host guests and parties frequently, you might also need more help. At the end of it all, it is up to you.

If you don’t know when your house was deep-cleaned the last time, it is a good idea to make an appointment right away.

Looking for professional cleaners who are flexible and easy to book? Take a look at our Services and Request a Quote Today. We value your specifications and are an expert team. Our maids are all background-checked, bonded, and insured so that you don’t have to worry. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our pricing and package options.


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