The Most Common Issues with Roofing


It’s something we’ve had to deal with at one point or some other time. If you’re dealing with grave issues and you do not want to waste long hours in the process, take action immediately and solve the issue. These are some of the most common roof issues:


Leaks can be a major issue that can ruin your home. A leaky roof might appear like an unlikely spot to get water, but when there is continuous rain or standing pools on the floor below it’s obvious why it happens frequently! Take a look around and determine the presence of any stains or signs of mold growth This could be clear evidence showing the areas where leaks lead too–and then take actions immediately to prevent things from getting worse over time.

Poor Installation:

A professional can help you get rid of any potential issues that could arise from a poor roofing installation. Insulation is vital to the proper functioning of your roof. Without insulation, the roof will not perform well over time.

In short, hire someone who knows what they’re doing!


Moss must be removed immediately when it’s blocking your gutters. It is possible to eliminate the moss in your home by mixing 50% laundry strength liquid chlorine bleach and water. Simply mix 50% laundry strength liquid chlorine bleach with water and spray the roof! The roof should be cleaned thoroughly after around 20-30 minutes.


Blisters can be caused by a build-up of heat and humidity in the attic, which can result in poor air circulation. Make sure that you have enough sunlight entering your roof for it not only to be healthy but also to cool down! Cadillacs roofing knows the best way to deal with this issue since they are experts in all kinds of such problems related to houses in the area, so call them right away if you need help. The sooner the better in dealing with these types of issues since putting off the issue for too long can result in costly repairs later further down the road.

Broken Gutters:

Gutters are an essential element of your home’s exterior. If you see the water is leaking, it must be addressed immediately. Gutters are designed so rainwater is able to drain rapidly without causing any damage both inside and outside, yet there are it is common for people to put off until their gutters begin falling apart before they are repaired, which can lead not just to siding rot, but also washed away landscaping on nearby properties too!


If you’ve experienced waking up to the sound of tweeting birds most likely, they’ve built their home on your roof. However, this could be an issue if you don’t take care of it immediately! Therefore, before things get more serious and cause damage for good measure evict these pesky critters as soon as you can so that there’s no conflict between those who live in the house and those who live outside or vice versa.

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