Old School RuneScape Real World Trading Guide

Real World Trading or real-world item trading is the act of any kind of trade outside Runescape in exchange for Runescape services or vice versa. If you get down to it legally, all items and RuneScape gold within this game are owned by Jagex which means that no player can claim them as their own property.

This is why if a player participates in RWT they will be breaking rule 12 and risking getting banned from playing forever without ever being warned first about their wrongdoing.

Why Jagex thinks RWT is against the rules?

Most of the players that involve in RWT get money and other in-game items using devious means like bots for gathering money and other OSRS items. They also exploit in-game bugs, scamming others to cause them a great deal of loss with Runescape gold.

Things You Can Do With RuneScape RWT

There are a few ways you can use your real-world money to solve your problem.

One, there are people who will do your quests for you. Some of these services price themselves according to how difficult the quest is and others have a set rate per hour with an additional charge if it takes too long.

For those that don’t want to wait or use up their precious energy, there are two ways for you to buy equipment. You can either pay directly with cash in-game, which is the most common way of performing RWT (or buying currency), but it’s also one of the fastest and easiest methods if your item is tradable from the game!

Alternatively, instead of purchasing a specific tradeable good off an auction place like OSRS Grand Exchange yourself–you could always purchase some gold coins online using real-life money.

If you don’t want to spend your time grinding for in-game rewards and are willing to fork over some cash, there’s always the option of buying an account that already has all those cool skills. You can even find different variations depending on what kind of equipment or weapon type you’re looking for!

You’d be justified in being cautious when it comes to a real-world transaction. It can go wrong with one mistake and the results of that mistake vary from getting your account banned, having your identity stolen, or even losing all money invested in this type of venture if you fall victim to a RuneScape scammer.

The RWT community is a tight-knit group that grows stronger every day. Members constantly find new ways to work around restrictions set in place by designers, which allow them access to deals they wouldn’t have been able to get any other way before. Despite the risks involved with this kind of trading, people still crave this convenience enough for it to flourish on its own regardless of what developers try and do about it.

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