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Car Accident Claims

Accident-related claims for compensation comprise the largest percentage of personal injury lawsuits in the U.S. Every year, millions of Americans are injured in automobile accidents. Unfortunately, a lot of these accidents occur because of negligence by another driver. Often, victims will decide to pursue personal injury lawsuits in order to assist them in resolving their injuries.

Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice happens when healthcare professionals make errors that leave the patient with significant injuries that have lasting effects on their lives. These mistakes result of negligence. They can be more complex than personal injury claims however they are commonly dealt with.

Incidents involving Slip and Falls

People who are injured due to hazardous conditions on private and public property could be eligible for compensation. Personal injury lawsuits are frequent as a result of slip-and-fall injuries.


As a matter of fact, assault is rising up the list of common personal injury lawsuits. Assault, the most serious form of personal injury is not the result of negligence.

Product Liability

It’s a normal occurrence for defective products to occur even though it might seem to be contrary. The victim may be entitled to compensation if the product’s defect causes injury.

Dog Bites

American families wouldn’t be identical without their loyal, loving pets. There are always accidents however, because there are numerous dogs. Owners are usually accountable for any dog who bites. Dog bite cases are treated exactly the same way as personal injury cases because dog bites usually occur because of negligence.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful deaths are the deaths of a person caused by negligence. For instance the case where a person was killed due to falling down wet, unmarked stairs their family might be eligible for the compensation they deserve. This is due to the negligence of the building owner.

Workplace Accidents

An employee may file a personal injury lawsuit against their employer if they suffer an injury while working, or if the equipment fails or if they’re not adequately trained. The highest rate of accidents at work is in the hands of movers, nurse assistants and truck drivers.

Construction Injuries

However, the nature of the work could lead to severe injuries. Although it’s impossible for a construction site be completely safe, it is the employer’s duty to mitigate these risks as much as they can.

Personal Injury Claims – Premises Liability

Personal injury claims for premises are made when someone gets injured on another’s property. The victim may be entitled to compensation if the owner of the property is the one who caused the injury.

Personal injury lawsuits can become extremely complex. An experienced team of lawyers is vital to your success.

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