How to lay the sod

How to lay the sod

It is time to start over if you find yourself in a difficult situation and your lawn is full with weeds. You have two choices. Reseed or lay sod. Seeding may seem cheaper and take less effort, but this method takes longer to create the beautiful green lawn that you’ve always wanted.

What is sod exactly?


If you are looking for a farm that will install your sod phoenix the same day it arrives, this farm is for you. If sod is not laid correctly, it can be tedious and time-consuming. It is best to lay sod within 24hrs of harvesting, by people who are trustworthy and know what they are doing.


These are the steps to sod installation


The Old Grass must be removed

To lay sod you need to first remove all the old grass and soil. Your yard will need 12 inch of level ground in order to grow. This can be accomplished by renting a sod-cutter, which looks like two rectangular frames attached at one side. It cuts strips below the root system and leaves behind loose dirt. It’s similar to how rolls arrive from farmhouses.


Prepare the Soil

For a successful sod install phoenix, it is important to prepare the soil. A garden rake (also known to as a bowrake), will level the soil, breaking up any large pieces into smaller pieces that will allow new roots to penetrate. Add layers of lawn soil over the soil so they can bond with local plants quickly. Don’t lay them on top of any existing grasses. It could result in both being killed.


Lay the sod

Laying sod requires that you first dampen the soil using a sprinkler, hose or water hose. Next, rake away any footprints on the previously laid sod. Then roll the grass against your longest edge. Before you roll the next roll, remove any footprints that may have been left behind.


Trim Your Edges

You’re almost done laying sod rolls, but the edges may be uneven. Don’t worry! Fold back the excess grass and use sharp scissors to trim it. To make sure everything is smooth again, ensure you cut from the soil to the grassy edges.


Water is important!

Two to six weeks after sod has been laid, it is recommended that you water it twice per day. After that, you can pull a corner back and see if the grass is still damp but not muddy. If it’s moist, keep watering it that way until it bonds to its native soil. It needs fertilization too.



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