Great Things To Do In Irvine California


When it comes to things to do in Irvine California, there’s no shortage of options. The city is just north of Los Angeles, just west of San Diego and just south of San Jose. It’s a great place to live, as it’s just minutes from the beach. It’s very affordable, with homes ranging from the affordable to the more affluent. There are plenty of attractions, especially within walking distance of downtown Irvine.


One of the best things to do in Irvine California is to walk down to the beach. A good way to get to the beach is to take the train. If you are really dedicated to taking in the natural beauty of the beach area, the underground subway system is a great way to go. It’s also fun to explore through the historic parts of downtown Irvine. There’s an authentic shopping center, a zoo, a theater and a pier.


You’ll also love the food in downtown Irvine. Many local restaurants have outdoor patio seating and grills. Of course, many of these restaurants have beach side dining as well. Downtown Irvine has its own airport, which makes it easier to fly in and out of LA. International travel is easy, too, since there are direct flights from many major cities throughout the United States.


Those are some of the main things to do in Irvine California, but there are many other cultural activities that people enjoy in this wonderful city. There are beautiful parks all throughout the downtown area, and there is even a nature preserve to the northwest of the city. There are museums dedicated to the art of California, and there is even a small performing arts theater here. There is also a large indoor aquarium, called the Sea Life Park, located on the grounds.


Many beaches are located along the coast, near downtown. The most popular beaches here are La Jolla Cove, Ocean Beach, Surfside and San Diego Bay. People come to these beaches to swim, surf and tan. The surf at most beaches is excellent. The water temperature is generally around six degrees warmer than ocean temperatures. There are several public beaches here, where families can go to spend time together.


There are also many cultural events, festivals and performances held each year in Irvine. The annual Orange County Fair is one of the largest fairs in the United States. There are also free concerts at county parks and festivals. There are world class festivals of food, wine, art and music every year, as well as regional festivals for many things to do in Irvine. These are not small shows, but large festivals with thousands of attendees.


Another famous event in the area is the Irish Film Festival. This is held at the O’Reilly Park Lawn Theater in Irvine. There are over fifty films and ten musical acts performing during the festival. It has been known to draw a large crowd, mostly from Ireland and England. Over seven hundred people have been turned away by the O’ Reilly’s because it can only handle so many people.


For those who like golf, there is the Pacific Country Club, which is twenty-two holes. It is also the home of the Charley Pines Golf Club, which is seven holes. There are over two thousand club members here. There are also tennis courts at the same site.


Those who love shopping will enjoy many different stores throughout the city. There are many independent stores and big name stores. There are also outlet malls in Irvine. There are numerous live theaters here. There is the Adler Planetarium, the Hard Rock Park, and many more.


The downtown area has many popular restaurants and bars. It has the American Legion Post and a Chinese restaurant. There is also a theater in this area. There are many popular golf courses here, such as the Pine Creek Golf Course and the Lost Key Golf Course.


If you are interested in museums, there are many here, as well as art galleries. You will also find many fine restaurants and other great places to eat. There is even a few comedy clubs to entertain you when you are visiting from out of town.




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