Famous People Of San Antonio

San Antonio is home to some of the most famous people in the United States. Some of the names include former First Lady Hillary Clinton, actor George Clooney and San Antonio artist Beyonce Knowles. A great attraction for tourists visiting the United States is the Alamo Drafthouse cinema located at 3125 Wock Street. This location first opened in 1917. The Drafthouse specializes in showing independent films and classic movies.


When it comes to a variety of entertainments San Antonio has something for everyone. There is no shortage of nightclubs and bars from the finest in New York City to the country music that can be heard at the local bars. They are also famous for their special events such as the annual Drafthouse Film Festival.


Beyonce is a member of the superstar family that has been able to reach worldwide fame. Her mother was the singer Queen Latifah. Beyonce is known for her amazing singing abilities. She has appeared on the covers of several well-known magazines including InStyle and In Magazine.


George Clooney is one of the most famous people in San Antonio. His roles in movies have made him famous all over the world. His many honors include winning an Academy Award for his performance in the film Rain Man. His other notable award is winning the Golden Globe for his play to drama for playing the role of Nelson Mandela in the movie A Man For All Seasons. He resides in San Antonio with his partner Brad Pitt.


Beyonce is also married to musician Jay Z. Together they have four children. Their relationship has been nothing short of extraordinary. Beyonce is an accomplished performer and singer and has reached the top place on the charts with both Lemonade and Music.


Beyonce’s parents were educators. As a child they instilled in her the values of being cautious with money and always doing well on exams. They instilled in her the passion for performing arts as a teenager. She grew up in Los Angeles and the city has a reputation for being trendy, intelligent, and artistic. Her mom used to bake pretty pastries and serve them at school.


George Clooney is another of the many famous people in San Antonio. He grew up in the city and graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Law. After law school he went into movies but did not stop working until he was thirty. He currently stars in the hit television series ER, as well as the upcoming movie Sabotage.


None of these are surprising names for anyone living in San Antonio. These famous people are a part of what makes San Antonio a great city to live in. It’s just one more reason why this small town is so special. You can take a hike along the Crystal Springs or spend a nice lunch with the family in one of the downtown restaurants. If you are in the mood for a drink and dinner somewhere out on Main Street, you’ll find that there is something for everyone. You won’t have to leave your home to enjoy the wonders of San Antonio.


The city is proud of its many musical and literary luminaries. The best known of these famous people is Elvis Presley. Many youngsters idolize this legendary singer and spend hours of quiet time with his music at homes and parks all over the city. Many bands that are popular are also rooted in the history of this area. Blues bands and others have made their homes in the area.


There is also a strong military presence in San Antonio. One can take a drive through the Historic Eastside Historic District. The military has maintained this section of the city for years, but it is now run largely independently. Tourists will be happy to learn that this area was the primary target of the prison camp raid that became famous during the Vietnam War. Many famous people from the past are also present here.


The most famous people of San Antonio are also proud of their native tongue. There is no other language on the planet that speaks slang like the locals do. You can learn a great many words and phrases by simply listening to a radio station or television program during your breaks at work. The city is also famous for the excellent food. Try some of the fabulous Latin-influenced cuisine served at local stops.


Many famous people chose this wonderful little town as the setting for their movie careers. The city is home to two Academy Award Nominated actors, George Clooney and Anne Hathaway. If you like your movies a little gritty, you will love the city’s grit and tradition. You can see why the locals never go anywhere without their camera.


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