Beautiful Landmarks in Huntington Beach, CA

There are many landmarks in Huntington Beach California. The famous Huntington Beach Pier is on San Diego Bay. It is one of the busiest piers in southern California. Huntington Beach is also known for its long surf beaches, including Huntington City Beach, with the long Huntington Beach Pier nearby. The International Surfing Museum exhibits various surf equipment and other sports memorabilia.


Sprawling Huntington Central Park includes gardens, fields and lakes, plus a small equestrian center. Bolsa Chica Environmental Reserve has a vast grassland and oasis that protects rare plants and animals. Its largest species, the Mouse Deer, is protected. A local landmark, the Solar Observatory, offers views of the entire park from its observation deck. The park’s largest animal, the Sea Turtle, can be seen at the observation platform. Other local landmarks include the historic Caboo Furnace, which can be visited by horseback.


For a different kind of treasure, tourists can visit the National Marine Fisheries Service headquarters in Huntersville. The building was designed by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most famous American designers. The landmarks in this area were designed by architect Thomas Lee. One of the largest of these is the National Marine Fisheries Service Station. Here, tourists can see the sea turtles and various species of marine life.


If one wants to do more than just walk along the beach, there are other attractions in Huntersville, California. The T-Rex Adventure Park is one of them. Located near the corner of Beach Boulevard and Main Street, it offers dinosaur rides, inflatable rafts, and numerous other adventure rides. Located within the State Land Park, the T-Rex Adventure Park is also home to several other attractions like the Bigfoot Encounters.


The town of Huntersville is also home to other notable landmarks. One of these is the historic Thomas Edison State Park. The original site of the man known as ” Edison” is located here. A Thomas Edison tour can take tourists to the birthplace of the man known as the “Wired King”. There is also the Edison Historical Society Museum, which explains the inventor’s life and his achievements in the electrical industry. An outdoor nature trail called the Edison Path leads visitors to many of the landmarks found within the park.


Located within walking distance of the T-Rex Adventure Park and the Edison Historical Society Museum, is the Hunter Point Lighthouse. The lighthouse has been restored to its former appearance. It offers a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. The view is particularly clear during the night.


The southern most part of Huntersville is home to several hotels. Some of the hotels are the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Inn and the Surfside Motel. There is also the Veterans of Foreign Wars post office which serves veterans and their family members with a mail service. Locals also report that there are several satellite dishes orbiting the earth for the television viewing public.


Anyone who is in the mood to experience the natural wonder and beauty of the area is encouraged to visit. However, those who wish to have a more scientific explanation as to what happens at the site of these landmarks are also welcome to do so as well. The land surrounding these attractions is protected by the California Department of Parks and Wildlife. All visitors are required to have a visitor’s permit. This permits are available for purchase online or from local offices in Huntington Beach. Permits are also available from tourist attractions themselves.


If one is lucky enough to have a car, it is best to explore the coastline from the beach. This allows one to see more territory. However, it can be difficult to navigate due to high cliffs and narrow shoulders. There are several ways to get around such obstacles. Bicycles are often rented from the nearby marina. Another option is the use of the trails provided throughout the county.


The best months to visit Huntersville Beach are the months from June until October. This is the most pleasant season for tourists. However, crowds can still be expected during the summer months. The area is well known for its excellent surfing and beachcombing.


The biggest set of “landmarks” one may come across are the two lifeguard stations located on either side of the ocean. The one in the southwest corner of the beach has a tower with an observation deck attached to it. The other is in the north end near the beach entrance. It too has an observation deck attached to it. Although it is not tall, this tower is the highest structure along the beach.


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