A Guide To Solar Panel Installation Process


In the US More than 1 million houses have been converted to solar. Many more are looking to put solar panels on their roofs. If you’re in the market for a new source of energy, it probably makes sense to find out what happens during the typical installation process or even how to set up your own system. Before those shiny black cells can provide power to your devices, there are five important steps to follow when you sign up with an Arizona solar company.

The five major steps to installing a solar system that your solar provider of choice typically follows are:

Engineering site visit:

Once you’ve signed your Arizona solar company contract regardless of whether it’s a loan, lease, or cash purchase agreement A technician will visit your property to examine the electrical condition and make sure everything is compatible with your new system. The visit usually occurs shortly after signing with them.

The assessment ensures that there are no issues such as cracks on the roof, so nothing blocks the installation process and/or prevents natural light from entering into panels. If any issues do occur during this time–such as damage due to weather conditions such as hail storms, which can cause warranty cancellation, they are usually able to be resolved by negotiating with the installers prior to actual installations themselves taking place instead of waiting until the moment to avoid putting off things further unnecessarily.

Documentation and permits:

In addition to applying for incentives, you’ll be required to fill out additional documents such as permits for the building. These permits are unique to your area and can be organized by your contractor.

People apply for state and federal solar incentives, such as the Federal ITC or local solar programs. They can also apply for government rebates on top SRECs. It is crucial to understand what you want and who you are working with so that you don’t have to spend time looking for the right person.

Ordering equipment :

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Solar panels and inverters are the two elements you’ll need to look at for your system. Although your installer might recommend one brand, however, there are numerous choices. The durability, efficiency, and aesthetics play significant aspects when comparing brands.

Solar panel installation:

Once the electrical wiring has been completed and the installers have attached the racking to help support the panels. This is the only thing which will be fixed to the roof. Once the panels are set and level and secured, they will be attached to the rack. Inverters are connected by an electrician to produce an alternating current.

Interconnection and approval:

The last step in going solar is to connect your panels to the grid. A representative from your town government will check your system before you can connect it to the grid. The purpose of this inspection is to double-check the work performed by Arizona Solar Company.

After this check after this check, you’re now in good shape for grid interconnection. Your electric company representative will be at your residence to check your solar panel installation.

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