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Remodeling a Luxury Bathroom: 6 Ideas for Total Relaxation

Feb 2
Because they combine diverse house components that are often divided into separate rooms, luxury bathroom renovations in St Louis MO are particularly fascinating. Beautiful water and plumbing fixtures, along with useful renovations, might give you the impression that you are constantly residing in a five-star hotel.

Ideas for Bathroom Renovation of the Best Quality

As you start to design your luxury bathroom makeover, start by becoming inspired. Here are some of our favorite luxury bathroom renovation ideas for the height of leisure.

1. Make your bathroom bigger

Although not all luxury bathrooms need to be enormous, it may be time to expand if your current space is limiting your style. Even a few more square feet can be the difference between having the soaking tub of your dreams and a full walk-in shower. You should feel as though you have enough breathing room in a large, luxurious bathroom. A modified plan could be able to provide you with the extra room you need if you are unable to add square footage.

2. Expand your bathroom's storage possibilities.

You may forget about the argument you had with your sister over a tiny bit of counter space in elementary school when you use a luxurious bathroom. Maybe it doesn't take much to send you back to the days of college when you had to fit all of your toiletries and bathroom supplies into a little plastic tote.
The pleasure of using a luxury bathroom includes a lot of storage. The ideal towel nook, oddly shaped hair dryers, and even "yours" and "mine" zones may all be solved ingeniously. You may spend more time relaxing and taking in your surroundings by spending less time seeking your favorite products in a lavish bath that has a place for everything.

3. Increase the amount of light in your restroom.

In addition to being able to handle a lot of light, luxury bathrooms also require it. Use both natural and artificial light while remodeling your luxury bathroom. Why not add a skylight or an entire row of windows? Consider planning your lighting such that it may be used in various zones. Better better, add a whole chandelier or upscale feature light to your design to improve it.
A competent builder and designer will focus on helping you choose the right lighting for your opulent bathroom.

4. Install high-end fixtures and plumbing.

When using a feature in a luxurious bath, you always come away thinking, "This is something remarkable." As a result, we advise our clients to play around with their plumbing and water fittings. Include a shower head (or two!) that can be programmed. Add a jacuzzi or a soaker tub to your bathroom. Include a restroom with a heated seat. Water faucets with waterfall sprays are a great touch.

5. Bear special bathroom fixtures in mind.

Here, you won't find any formica counters or builder-grade cabinets. A luxurious bathroom remodels highlights the unique characteristics. We love utilizing magnificent stone and tile throughout the area, having bespoke cabinets created (with that ingenious storage), and thinking about what textural aspects we want in the space.
Choose unique goods if you actually want to make your bathroom wonderful. We've cut and installed bespoke marble sinks, backsplashes, and showers, as well as created custom vanities, bathrooms, and fireplaces.

6. Pay close attention to the finishing touches.

The key contrast between standard bathroom remodels and luxury bathroom remodels is in the fine details and finishes. Think carefully about the metals you want to utilize for your fixtures and faucets. Maybe you come across unique drawer pulls that add a sense of class to the room. Maybe you'll use the money from your luxurious bath to buy custom wallpaper. Perhaps it's two sinks, towel warmers, or wall-mounted electronic controls.
The last touches and finishing boost a magnificent bathroom. Many plants, a flat-screen TV, or a wine refrigerator are all possible additions. Talk over the last details with your designer. Every square inch counts in a luxury bathroom, so consider adding functional as well as pleasant aspects.


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