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What Are the Top 4 Roof Replacement Mistakes to Avoid?

Jan 28


A roof can be a disaster. As with all home improvements, improperly repairing or replacing your roof can cause more damage than good. How can you ensure you get the best service and highest quality work? Learn a bit about your roof replacement options, and avoid emergency roofing mistakes. It's almost like taking your car to the mechanic.


You can tell mechanics that your car makes a "clackety-clackety" sound every time you drive up hills. They will know you are not very well informed. An honest mechanic might not be inclined to give you all the information. If you have a good idea of the problem or the symptoms, you will be more likely to receive a thorough appraisal.


Most homeowners don't know much about roofing. This allows roofers to do what they want and tell you what they think is best for your home. If they aren't sure you know what you are doing, even an honest roofer will not go into detail. Knowing the top roofing errors will help you identify a scam. This will make you a better consumer and enable you to engage with your roofer.

Use the wrong Shingles for Ridges and Hips

Your roof is the area of your home that gets the most weather damage. Your roof's hips and ridges take the most abuse. These areas are exposed to the elements and subject to the greatest wind speeds. Specialty shingles are made for hips and roof ridges. They are thicker and stronger than regular shingles. Your roof may leak sooner if it is not installed by a qualified roofer.

Installing Flashing incorrectly

Your roof's performance is dependent on flashing. Flashing is typically made from sheet metal and installed where two slopes meet. Flashing can also be used to connect roof slopes with siding, such as around a dormer. Flashing is also required for flashing chimneys and other types of masonry. These vulnerable areas can be damaged if flashing is not installed correctly. This can cause leaks and damage to your roof's lower sections and your attic.


There is not enough attic insulation

Insulating your attic will reduce the impact of outside temperature on your home. Insulating your walls is something you would never do. Why should you neglect to insulate your roof? Insulating your attic will stop heat and cold from being transferred from outside to the climate-controlled space of your home. Insulating the attic can prevent it from getting too hot in the summer. Your roof deck can be damaged if the attic heats up too much. Roof deck damage can be costly because it involves removing the roof. This is a roofing error you shouldn't make.

Missing Shingles

A full roof replacement can involve a variety of shingles. Standard shingles are used for most of your roof. Some areas, such as the hips and ridges, require specialized shingles. Most roofers will order the roofing material once you have chosen a style and type of roofing. However, roofing materials can differ from one manufacturer to the next. You want to have a consistent, uniform appearance so make sure all shingles are ordered from the same manufacturer.


It can be difficult to find matching shingles if you only need to repair a small portion of your roof. The roof's shingles have seen significant weathering. Even if the shingles were made by the same manufacturer, they won't match. Matching shingles from different manufacturers is difficult. Experienced roofers will be familiarized with different types of roofing materials. They will help you choose the right match.

Missing Leak Barriers

Leak barriers are watertight seals that protect roof areas at greater risk for leaks. Leak barriers are great for areas where slopes meet, roof edges, and roof penetrations, such as skylights and chimneys. Roofers might decide to forgo leak barriers if they are trying to save money or move quickly. We think this is a bad idea. Protecting key areas of your roof is essential, even though it would be excessive. Ask your roofer where they are installing leak barriers. Make sure you are covered.

The Drip Edge is missing

While a drip edge may not be necessary for every situation, it is something you should consider. Extra flashing is added around the roof's edges. It directs water away from the fascia, protecting it. It can also stop rain from getting under your decking. This is especially useful, where we get strong winds and rain. A drip edge can be a great way to protect yourself from future damage. If your fascia has already begun to rot, a drip edge may be necessary. It is a common roofing error to ignore the drip edge. It should be discussed. It may be beneficial or necessary, depending on your circumstances.

Experienced professionals can help you avoid roofing mistakes

Roof replacement companies recommend that only experienced, well-trained roofing professionals be hired if you want to avoid roofing mistakes and get the best roofing. Shield Roofing has a reputation for excellence.