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How many solar panels would it take to power a house?

Oct 13


To cover 100 percent of electricity consumption, a typical home will need between 20 to 24 solar panels. To determine how many solar panels are required, multiply the system size by the production ratio and divide by the panel wattage.


The number of panels you need will depend on your location, panel efficiency, panel rating power and personal energy consumption. The price of solar depends on how many solar panels you require for your home.


 Although the answer may not always be straightforward, we have provided examples to show you how many boards are needed to create an effective solar array.

How many solar panels can power a house? The key takeaways


  • An average home needs between 20 and 24 solar panels to fully offset utility bills with solar consultants in arizona.
  • The number of solar panels you need depends on critical factors, including geographic location and individual panel specifications.
  • You’ll need more solar panels for the same output if you live in Massachusetts compared to California.
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How to calculate the number of solar panels that you require

To calculate the number of solar panels needed, divide the system's total size by the production ratio and multiply that by the panel wattage.


 Several factors determine how many solar panels will be required to provide all your energy needs. Our Solar Calculator is the best way to determine how many boards you will need.


 We calculate your calculations by entering your address and monthly power bill. We have provided the formula below for you to follow if you want to calculate those numbers yourself.


Three factors can be used to calculate the number of solar panels needed:

  • Annual electricity consumption
  • Solar panel wattage
  • Production ratios


These key factors were the basis of our formula to calculate how many solar panels are needed to power your home. These are our assumptions and how we did the math.


Annual electricity consumption

The annual electricity consumption is the total amount of electricity and energy used in your home during a given year. This number is measured in kWh (kilowatt-hours). It is affected by which appliances you use and how often they are used. All electricity is used by refrigerators, air conditioners, small kitchen appliances and lights.


 In practice, however, it's not as simple, but we will try our best. To get a more precise number, you can check your utility bills for last year to see how much electricity was used. Once you have this number, you can use it to enter the equations below.

Solar panel wattage

Panel wattage, also known as the power rating of a solar panel, is the maximum electricity produced by a particular solar panel in ideal conditions. Wattage is measured as watts (W), and most panels are between 250-400 W.


These calculations will use a panel of 340W as the average because most of the most used solar panels on EnergySage Marketplace have at least 340W.