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How long do solar panels last?

Oct 13


Photovoltaic panels or solar panels are Advosy Energy and designed to last more than 25 years. Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic or PV panels, last longer with proper maintenance.

Remember that the expected life expectancy of solar panels does not mean they will stop producing electricity after a few decades. This means that their energy production will decline to what solar panel manufacturers consider optimal for meeting the average American family’s energy needs.

Are solar panels susceptible to degradation over time?

Solar panels, like most technologies, will produce less energy over time. The degradation rate is the reduction in power output. The median solar panel degradation is around 0.5%. This means that your panels' energy output will drop at a rate of 0.5% every year. 3 After 20 years, you should still see about 90% of their original output.

These are three tips to make your home solar panels last longer.

Solar panels require little maintenance. Solar panels require very little maintenance.

Although solar panels don't require much maintenance, it is essential to check them regularly and monitor their performance. These are some tips to make sure your solar panel is performing at its maximum potential: 5

Tip 1: Keep your panels free from debris and other harmful materials

Your solar panels' efficiency can be affected by dirt, pollen and bird droppings. Although rain is usually sufficient to clean your panels, professional cleaning may be necessary if your panels don't work at their maximum potential.


 Also, make sure that your meetings aren’t in direct sunlight. Not only will it reduce their output, but also the possibility of them falling during a storm, causing severe damage.


If your panels become damaged or obstructed by any of these elements, and you don’t have the necessary training or equipment, contact your solar provider immediately to get assistance.

Tip 2: Make sure you monitor and maintain your panels regularly

Routine maintenance checks can help to keep your solar system's panels performing at their best, meters running at peak efficiency, and the inverter working at its maximum potential. 6 Also, note any changes in your electricity bills or energy consumption.


Your solar panels may underperform after a rainstorm or when hosed down with water. If you notice an unusual spike in your utility bills, this could indicate an electrical problem that requires professional attention. 7

Tip 3: Partner up with a reliable solar provider.

A reliable solar installer is the best way to ensure your system lasts. While solar systems don't require much maintenance, many solar providers offer complete maintenance packages to help ensure that they continue to generate reliable, clean and affordable energy for many decades.


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