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Do You Really Save Money With Solar Panels?

Oct 13


It costs about $13,142 on average to install a solar panel system. The number of solar panels required to produce energy for your home will determine how much it costs to put in solar panels. It is worth investing in solar consultants in Arizona upfront because of the return on investment and savings they provide.


The federal tax credit currently stands at 26 percent. This can offset the average cost of solar panels and their upfront costs. The tax credit will drop to 22 percent after 2020. The sooner you use the glory, the better. To claim the federal tax credit, you must fill out the appropriate IRS Form.


In addition to the federal tax credit, panels increase property values and lower utility bills. Solar panels are much more cost-effective than electric heating systems or gas. In three years, your solar panel system will pay for itself!

Are solar panels efficient?

Solar panels can convert 22 percent of their energy into electricity. This is a remarkable number when you consider that our monthly electricity bills are pretty high. Solar cells are the main components of solar panels. 


A cell is a small, flat disk of a semiconductor such as silicon. They are connected to a circuit by wire. The semiconductor converts light into electricity when it is struck by light. The solar cell ceases to produce power when the light is turned off.


Solar pool heating systems heat water using the sun's radiant energy. The water flows from the bottom up to the collectors. It gradually rises and is heated by natural energy before returning to the pool. 


This process continues until your pool water is at the desired temperature. Your pool water can be heated an additional 10-13 degrees without further costs or pollution.


Solar panels and solar panel systems can save you money and provide a quick return on your investment. The upfront cost of installing solar panels is reduced by rising property values, lower utility costs, and federal credit. Solar energy is a wise investment because it is cheaper than ever, and you can reduce your carbon footprint.