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Pinup Hairdresser Colorist

Aug 13

You've come to the right location if you're in search of an Pinup Hairdresser in Raleigh. Katrina is a hairdresser for pinups at Pinup Hair Studio located in Raleigh, NC. She is known for her extraordinary skills and warm welcome. She is an expert in the field of color. Color is an integral part of any fashion.

Sarah Bloor

Sarah Bloor is a pinup hairdresser, colorist, and stylist that transforms women into vintage-inspired diva. Sarah is self-taught and has a passion for vintage styling. She was also a former designer of knitwear. She has been a part of festivals and other events across the nation. After attending a 1940s-themed weekend in Derbyshire, Sarah was captivated by the vintage styles. Since then, she's been a part of the Vintage carnival in Nottingham as well as at Papplewick that is a 1940s-themed festival.

Bloor is an established pinup hairdresser as well as her work on BBC Two's Hair. Bloor is known for her skill in re-creating vintage styles that are becoming increasingly popular for prom night. She is a fan of the fashion and appearance of the 1940s and the '50s. She is able to recreate any style with authenticity, or subtle references to the past. A beehive or bouffant-style haircut, for instance is priced at PS25.

Sarah Kelly

Tony Medina, also known on the internet as His Vintage Touch is a specialist in hairstyles that are inspired by the past. He has even hairstyled Dita Von Tess's hair. Stacy Lande is a Los Angeles-based hair stylist and makeup artist who provides vintage-inspired hairstyles as well as on-location makeup. Pin Ups & Pompadours is an all-inclusive salon that provides hairstyles for galas and other events featuring vintage themes. Sarah Kelly, a Pulp Riot hair stylist and colorist, provides contemporary haircuts.

Sarah London Bergman

You can dress like a pinup woman from the past when you get your hair styled at a salon that is specialized exclusively in vintage hairstyles. Kelly Grace Vintage Hair is famous for its retro hairstyles and curl sets. Sarah London Bergman is a pinup hairdresser, colorist, and makeup artist who is specialized in vintage-inspired styles. Pin Ups & Pompadours offers an all-inclusive salon experience. Rosa O Artistry specializes in both vintage and modern styles and modern cuts.

Riviera Artistic Impressions

Artistic Impressions by Riviera is an salon that is specialized in hairstyles from the past. Melisa the hairdresser is an expert in curls from the 1950s. Famous celebrities, like Abby Gloria, are familiar with her skills. Melisa has also performed with wigs, and has completed projects for Regis as well as the Broward Opera House. Her work has been praised by The Bride magazine and New Times magazine.

Pimps and Pinups

Pimps and Pinups is a boutique-style salon with retro cash registers as well as barber chairs. The salon also has neon lighting. The salon is a New York branch of the first salon was opened in London, England. Find the top hairdresser for your hair and create the perfect style for your wedding day.

7400 Six Forks Rd # 7, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States