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How to choose between cabinet replacement, resurfacing, and replacing

Jul 5

How to choose between cabinet replacement, resurfacing, and replacing

There are many options for kitchen remodeling. Like many Richmond residents, you know how wood renewal can help you make your renovation dollars go further in Florida.

Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing is a cost-effective option that can deliver the results that you are looking for. How can you choose the best cabinet refinishing company for your needs?

Here are the top three services we offer, along with their key differences and how to choose which one best suits your Richmond property.

Cabinet Refinishing Richmond VA

Cabinet refinishing remains our most popular and affordable service. It involves preserving and renewing your cabinets and repairing any wear or damage.

If you are happy with the cabinet color and tone but wish to reverse years-old fading and blemishes then classic cabinet refinishing might be for you. You can also modify the color of your cabinets with a new stain or solid paint.

You can have your cabinets completely redecorated with the help of all these services.


Cabinet Resurfacing Richmond VA

Cabinet refacing can be a cost-saving option for those with very worn or outdated cabinets. Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing offers a simple solution: keep your inner boxes intact, and swap the cabinet fronts for newer cabinets.

We'll help you select the right cabinet material, profile, or color for your project. It will look like brand new cabinets without the high cost.


Cabinet Replacement Richmond VA

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen and get rid of the inner cabinets, you may be able to tear out your existing cabinets and replace them. However, this option is typically the most costly and may not be necessary to achieve the look that you want in your new kitchen.

Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing offers a variety of cabinet restoration services. Your remodeling budget will be thankful for it!


Cabinet Refinishing Richmond VA

Why not make the most of your kitchen design and build it now? Richmond Ace Cabinet Refinishing offers a wide range of cabinet refinishing solutions that can help make it happen. We are excited to be of service in your Richmond home.


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