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Newcastle Art Gallery

Jun 16

About Newcastle Art Gallery

The Newcastle Art Gallery is internationally recognised as one of Australia's finest public collections, holding over 7 thousand works by masters such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh. The quality breadth of its collection makes it a significant cultural asset for our city that has been home to some great names in literature including Creator OF LORD BYRON!

The Newcastle Art Gallery was officially opened in 1964, housing a valuable collection that included paintings by Australian impressionists and 20th-century abstract works. The building is iconic for its post-modernist design which has become one of Australia's most recognised buildings outside Sydney or Melbourne because it stands out among other structures on Lake Macquarie
The national widely recognised as one of the finest public collections in the country, Newcastle gallery represents awesome values both historically and culturally with thereto the piece museum feel good about being in this city

Art Gallery- Newcastle

What to do in Newcastle Art Gallery

Newcastle Art Gallery is a place where you can discover new art and artists, while also learning more about the culture of our region. The City operates this gallery as well as many other attractions that makeup what we call "the great outdoors" here in Australia!

The Newcastle Art Gallery is a city-owned gallery that continues to bring new and exciting art exhibitions for the locals as well as visitors. The collection grows through various donations, including those from individuals who have been inspired by what they see here at our own institution.

The Newcastle Art Gallery is committed to maximizing access for the public. They currently have an online gallery that displays some of their amazing pieces, and they're constantly working on improving it through research & scholarship with updates made regularly so you can always stay up to date!

Newcastle artgallery

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Address: Unit 2/2 Conmurra Cct, Shortland NSW 2307

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