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Fort Scratchley

May 21

About Fort Scratchley

The fort that overlooks the city of Newcastle was an important site for many years. The natural features combined with coal made this headland very valuable to locals, who used its height and expansive view as lookout points long ago when they lived here before European settlement began in 1882
The history associated with Fort scratchley goes back to the18th century BC but it is believed Indigenous Australians may have also utilized two prominent geographical landmarks-the rock formations found near its base or mines dotting Ab's original Landscapes throughout Australia’s surface.


What to do in Fort Scratchley

Take a guided tour of Fort Scratchley to learn about our rich history! Guided tours are led by passionate Fort Scratchley Historical Society volunteers with a wealth of knowledge about the site. The volunteers who lead these tours have spent countless hours learning all they need know before taking groups around this magnificent location - but don't take my word for it come experience it yourself today

Come experience the thrill ride of your life on a one-hour guided tour through boomtown history! You'll see where prospectors anxiously awaited news from down under and how Aborigines used to live here before white settlers arrived.
The Tunnel Tour provides unique insight into all aspects, both positive (gold!) & negative (sickness!), that shaped our region’s story - so join us today if you dare, but be quick about it because these tours only last for a short time.
You'll be able to visit various areas and collections at your leisure, including gardens that have been beautifully laid out for viewing pleasure! There's also a history museum full of guns - some old-fashioned swords in display cases worth looking over; military gear available if you're thinking about making up one yourself or just want something unique as decoration. And finally, there’s our very own shop where we sell all things related (and not)to this historic place: ice creams & drinks [or] souvenirs/gifts too so come along anytime between 10 am – 5 pm every day except Sunday when it closed.

Fort Newcastle

One local company in Newcastle that is involved in this tourist attraction.

Name: Newcastle solar power

Address: 175 Grinsell St, Kotara, NSW 2289

Telephone: (02) 4003 6437