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Home renovation timeline: How long should a remodel take?

May 6

There are many phases to home improvements.

To ensure that a home remodeling project is completed in time and on budget, the following procedures should be followed in the order listed below:


  • "What will it look like and what price?" as well as "How much will it cost?"

The initial planning phase includes the conceptual design, pricing, and obtaining the necessary permits. In this phase, you must answer important questions such as "What will it look like?" and "How much will it cost?" are addressed.


It could take as long as two months to complete this phase to ensure the correct pricing. This phase is completed when the project is ready for production. This includes a detailed discussion with the subcontractor along with precise pricing. Production personnel is also involved to ensure the project becomes a reality.


  • Project mobilization

The homeowner will have the opportunity to generate many different ideas during the initial phase of the design process. They will then be utilized to narrow their choices. After the plan is defined and the construction documents have been completed the homeowner can begin choosing materials. This process could take up to two months. This involves the collection of construction materials and labor as well as the submission of required permissions.


This gives homeowners more control and gives them the ability to decide on the final price and project's scope. This phase is vital to make sure that you are able to meet deadlines and budgets. This step is crucial to plan accurately the project, pick an appropriate start date, purchase materials, and make sure that the job is completed within the timeframe.


  • Applications for permits

From the moment an application is received to the first time, it usually takes about a month for permits to be obtained. However, if any zoning, historical, or environmental concerns need to be resolved, the process may be longer.


Depending on the municipality an application for a permit could require up to a week to review and decide. The town building commissioner is a fan of precision and thoroughness, and having both of these will expedite the permitting process.

  • Bank Approval For Construction Loan

If the homeowner requires an investment loan for construction the process could be extended by five to six weeks because of the need for final construction designs for approval by many banks. These conditions are not applicable to home equity loans.


  • Remodeling Contractors for Homes

Once all permits needed have been obtained, work can get underway. The timeframe will vary depending upon the type, size, and nature of the work (see below). The exact timing is determined by the plans that the renovation of your home Albuquerque contractor will give you at the start of your project.


  • Walkthrough for Builders and Homeowners

After the construction is completed both the homeowner as well as the builder conduct a walkthrough to make sure that everyone is happy. A professional home remodels Albuquerque contractor will return at the end of the year or sooner if difficulties emerge to ensure that the remodeling meets requirements and meets quality standards.


Common timeframes for home improvements projects


Although it's not a good idea to predict how long a home renovation project will take, most popular ones tend to take about the same amount of time. The estimates on this website are based upon a timeframe that starts when construction begins and ends when the final cleaning crew leaves your house. Be aware that the stages that were mentioned earlier prior to the beginning of construction will typically add three months to the times below:


Major Kitchen Remodels The typical destroyed and rebuilt kitchen will take approximately eight weeks to finish. In order to open up the space, a wall could be removed to allow kitchen remodeling and hardwood floor refinishing or bathrooms. Adding 2-4 weeks to the schedule of the project is possible with an additional scope like that.


If everything is being remodeled from top to bottom, bathrooms can take between 6 and 8 months to finish.


A typical two-story extension that creates a garage, as well as the main bedroom to an existing house, usually takes between 3-4 months.


A complete renovation of a house can take between 4-6 months and depends on how extensive the task is as well as if the homeowner is able move out during renovations.


If you're looking for the quickest solution for improving your home's curb appeal, an exterior remodel may be required. The time it takes to redesign a house may differ based on the extent of the work is. However, the average time frame for completing a comprehensive renovation of your home is between two and four months.


Problems with timing that could arise when a home is renovated


There are numerous factors that affect the timeline of a renovation's finalization. There is a myriad of factors that could cause delays in both the human and the material. They include weather issues and the absence of labor or supplies.


In light of the recent surge of remodeling and construction projects, inspectional services in many areas are under additional strain, so you should plan to inspect your house for any permits required if you require an inspector. The time it takes to complete the inspection can be reduced by using a builder with an excellent working connection with local inspectors.

How can you best help the building while it is being updated?


It is easy to underestimate the damage that remodeling can result in. If you have children or pets and pets, staying in your home during the time your home is being remodeled isn't a good choice, especially if aren't planning on moving out. It is important that you and the contractor for home renovations Albuquerque contractor are on the same page regarding the amount of time you'll have away from your home while the work is going on and when you're able to be there.

A successful home remodel begins with preparation.


Home improvement Albuquerque projects might take a lot of time in the event that you don't understand the risks you're taking. If you're able to have a clear comprehension of the process and what you can expect, it's simpler to plan any changes that need to be made in your daily life. A well-planned and planned project and completion on time will provide the most enjoyable experience for your family.

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