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Tips to Recruit Better Restaurants

Apr 11


It's hard to find and keep high-quality talent within the industry of restaurant. People who don't feel passionate about the establishment and merely looking for work in casual or mid-tier restaurants often make up the majority of the talent pool. In the case of fine dining establishments it's often difficult to find highly-trained and qualified talent at an affordable price.

Restaurants need to think about ways to retain their talent after hiring. Workers turnover in the restaurant industry is alarmingly high at 66.3 percent

It's hard to make long-term success for your restaurant if you don't think carefully about the employees and the methods you hire. Here are five helpful tips for hiring managers in restaurants to keep and attract the best talent.

1. Always Be Looking

Restaurants wait until there is an opening before looking for employees. There is very little space for error after this point has passed. In the event that it is not, the restaurant will suffer the negative consequences of being understaffed.


Although you might not always have positions available in your restaurant, it is important to always search for employees who are qualified. Even if you already have all staff on hand, continue building your pool of talent. It will be easier to make a move quickly with a pre-screened list of candidates that you've prescreened.


2. Encourage employees to refer other employees

People with similar talents and skills will likely to become friends. Ask your staff if they know someone who might be a good fit to fill the vacant spot in your restaurant. They won't recommend anyone who is not a good match due to the qualifications and behavior of the candidate. Referrals are a great opportunity to begin, even though you're the ultimate reviewer.


3. Always conduct background checks

Although you might think you are a good reader and believe that you're a good writer, you could be fooled by anyone. Even the most unqualified applicants can be captivated by a charismatic personality on the interview stage.


To get a better idea about the person you are interviewing, do your own research. It is also advisable to request references and talk to previous employers. Also, make sure to run a background investigation. The checks are usually easy, quick, and affordable. These checks can help you save cash in the long run.


4. The Best Technology

They know that they are excellent employees. They will find work easily and are able to choose from a variety of jobs. It is important to impress them in order to draw the best talent.


One way to make your establishment more appealing is to offer advanced technology that makes employees' jobs simpler. A state-of the-art point of sale (POS) system, for example, will help your restaurant stand out from those who are using outdated equipment.


5. Provide attractive and practical benefits

What other benefits can you offer your employees besides an attractive salary? If full-time employees have access to health insurance and retirement plans, they don't have to cost a lot.


Sometimes, the most beneficial benefits are the most practical. Professionals in the restaurant industry like to provide flexible scheduling, longer vacation days, more breaks, or free meals.


Also, it's important to discuss the restaurant's strategy to increase its upward mobility. The employees are less likely to leave if they know that they can grow and progress within your business.


Your restaurant will fail if you employ incompetent and unqualified staff. On the other hand talent-driven people with determination and discipline will ensure that you experience an increase in sales. Although it is impossible to determine the success of a restaurant by any single factor, having the right talent is definitely one of the most important ingredients in this recipe.


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