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Things To Consider Before Renting A Bounce House For A Party

Apr 8

There are a lot of things to consider before renting a bounce house to host the purpose of a party. These include safety and insurance issues, the location, and the cost. You can rent bounce houses complete with generators, water slides, and mechanical bulls. To avoid a few potential issues, follow a few basic rules and guidelines. A bounce house company can also provide other equipment. You must follow the rules and regulations that are set by the rental company.

Safety requirements for safety

Establishing ground rules is the initial step to renting a safe bounce house. Since the bouncer is inflating, children should be supervised by adults. A bounce house rental company will be happy to give additional guidelines and instructions regarding safety guidelines. They can also help in the setting up of the bounce house and provide insurance to protect rental businesses. Next, ensure that the bouncehouse is located in a level area.


The cost of renting the Bounce House Rentals in Burleson, TX is an important factor to consider when organizing a kids' party. These can range from to as little as $100 and as high as $800, dependent on the inflatable you choose. Typically, bounce houses come with different options, including obstacle courses, slides and houses. In order to determine the price it is recommended to call around and ask about the various packages. Additionally, you should think about the kind of inflatable you'd like rent, and the amount of space you'll require.

Proper location

You may be thinking of creating a rental bounce home business. The renting of a large outdoor space or storefront could help you start your business. Businesses operating out of an actual location will usually require a CO, or Certificate of Occupancy. It shows the compliance with zoning laws as well as building codes. If you plan to rent an outdoor space, be sure to inquire with your landlord if they can obtain the CO on your behalf.


Insurers want to maintain an income-generating market, therefore bounce house rental insurance can differ greatly. The price depends on the frequency of use, the size of business, and other factors specific to the industry. General liability insurance is priced at an average bounce house owner between $1,800 to $2,500 annually. You might also require an insurance policy for workers' compensation or a commercial auto insurance package. Here are some guidelines for hiring a bounce house rental insurance company.

Inflatable castles

Bouncy Castle rentals can be an excellent option to add some fun and excitement to your child's next birthday party. These large, fun bounce houses can be used for private or corporate events. These inflatable castles are made from commercial-grade materials, which is a significant difference from traditional bounce houses. These inflatable castles are popular for corporate events, birthday parties, and church events. You can also rent bounce houses for your child's church or school, and many of them come with a variety of accessories.

Mesh windows

Many bounce house rentals have mesh windows that allow parents to easily monitor their children's activities. In certain instances, mesh windows can rip completely, exposing a child's face or legs. These gaps can be very dangerous and should be avoided. Children should never be left alone in the bounce house, especially when it's filled with inflatable toys. Additionally, mesh windows can break easily, leaving a child with a broken hand or wrist.

Obstacle courses

When it is fun at a kids party rental of an obstacle course is the most popular choice. These rentals are great for all age groups and appeal to the competitive nature of children. Side bars, pop-ups, tunnels and rock walls, slides and rock walls are all part of the Obstacle Course. They are the perfect addition to a community day, street fair or school field day These inflatables are guaranteed to be a huge hit!