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Fitzroy Island

Feb 8

About Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island is a 45-minute boat transfer from Cairns, home to family-owned and operated Fitzroy Resort. This small island surrounded by a reef system makes it the perfect accessible base for snorkelling or diving while exploring this beautiful area's rich marine life which includes many species of fish you can't see anywhere else!
The beaches are lush green forests on top of Foolish Water where waves break against centuries-old rock formations creating stunning shorelines that lead into safe waters ideal for both swimming and water sports.

Fitzroy Island is a pristine paradise that's close to the heart of Cairns and its surrounding community. The island has been freely accessible for many years, with several daily flights from Brisbane or local fishermen using secure public moorings on offer here too! It takes about an hour flight time depending on where you're coming into town - just be sure not to miss out by getting down under before your visit times runs out!

Fitzroy has a tropical climate, but thanks to its proximity and the cooling effects of ocean breezes it is much more moderate than most other parts of North Queensland. Welcome Bay can be found here where temperatures range from 24-31 degrees Celsius (75°F) during summertime all year long; while winter evening lows dip below 19 degrees celsius(66 °f).

What To Do At Fitzroy Island

Explore the beauty of Fitzroy Island, with its rainforest and beaches. There's plenty to see on land as well! Hike through some exciting trails in search of nature that you won't want to miss out on or forget exploring at sea-level when it comes time to return home again later tonight - after another great day spent outside enjoying what our country has to offer right now. Whether you're an avid hiker, nature lover or just looking for a great spot to take in the views of Fitzroy Island – this is one destination not worth missing. Permit fees may apply depending on when your stay will be (and if it’s valid) but there are plenty of opportunities both indoors and out! You'll find peaks that range from botanical gardens with lush green trees covering all angles; to valleys filled with wildlife at every turn including birdseye viewings across pristine Coastline far north Queensland Australia.

If you're looking to get closer to the Great Barrier Reef, then Fitzroy Island is an excellent option. The waters here are safe and inviting for land-based visitors who want a different experience than what they can offer from their hotel room or boat tours in Cairns! You'll be able to explore this iconic World Heritage-listed system at your own pace - swimming alongside turtles as well as other sea life such clownfish, schooling mullet, even whales between July & September when conditions allow it! There's plenty to do during those times but don't worry if not: We've got activities including diving, snorkelling and kayaking.

Get away from the hustle and bustles of life with a visit to Fitzroy Island. Anchored in naturally secure waters, this 15-mile excursion offers you peace-of passage along its scenic coastlines while enjoying some delicious fruit galore! At Latitude 16 deg 93'0", Longitude 145 Begins 988', There are public Moorings located near local villages or towns for those who would rather not take their chances anchoring themselves when they come here on holiday.

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