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Four Types of Home Renovations: Which One's Increase Value?

Jan 27

Four Types of Home Renovations: Which One's Increase Value?

It's smart to make small improvements. However, you shouldn't do it too often. You should consider the following four types when remodeling your house: the basics; curb-app; value-added; personal preference.


1. Basics

Buyers expect the basic necessities when buying a house. The most important things are a good roof, functioning gutters and downspouts, as well as a dry basement. It is important to have solid floors, walls, and walls that are in good condition. Retaining walls that work is also essential. Potential buyers want to see that your home has working plumbing and HVAC systems. Bathrooms in more expensive properties may be required.


You don't need to replace everything. It is possible to make small, inexpensive improvements that will maintain the property's value. These improvements won't raise the property's value if it isn't in a good condition. It simply brings it up in value to other homes in the vicinity, which will allow you to ask for a similar price.


It is important to not hire Texas builders & remodelers if they aren't required for the property. You could not only be losing money but also risk becoming a potential buyer’s foe. Be aware of the competition before you invest in a large-scale renovation. Take a look at the comparable prices in your area, and make any necessary changes to accommodate what you see.


2. Curb Appeal

Items that increase curb appeal can make your property attractive to potential buyers. Although these items won't increase your home's value, they will make your home more appealing to potential buyers and help you sell your house quicker. For curb appeal, a well-kept lawn, low-cost landscaping, fresh paint (at least at your front door), clean carpets, and new fixtures are key. These projects can all be completed by you to save money and time.


Keep it simple, and keep things vanilla. Bold designs are not the best idea. Backsplashes and accent walls are two simple design elements that can add beauty and elegance to your home.


Lighting can be costly. While you want your home to be welcoming and bright, it shouldn't overwhelm the home's wiring. Modern upgrades can be made with recessed and LED lights. You can have an interior decorator help with these projects. You should choose affordable options.


Avoid bold design choices in your decor. Use subtle accent walls with stylish backsplashes to make your home stand out.


3. Added value

People who love Fix-it-and-Flip-it are drawn to projects that offer significant value. These projects should also be on the homeowner’s priority list. Some of these projects may not be able to recoup their expense, but others might. Kitchen renovations, new siding, windows, and state-of-the-art appliances are the most sought-after projects. Many times, they are able to recover up to 80% of their costs through resale.


4. Personal Preference

Personal preference projects allow you to select the items you want and can afford. These amenities include hot tubs, tennis courts, and swimming pools. A swimming pool is rarely a valuable asset. A pool that is not in-ground can be very expensive. Many homeowners view pools as both a safety risk and a nuisance. A pool is also not allowed to be used in tropical areas.


These items can easily be added to your house at a very low price. When you sell, however, don't expect buyers not to pay more. When you replace an older or more popular feature of a home during renovations, it is important to be cautious. If your neighborhood has only one house with a 2-car garage, you might want to think twice about converting your garage into an entertainment area. Are you certain that you don't want your house to have the most private parking space in the neighborhood?


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