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Messianic Fellowship in Charlotte, NC | Sabbath Keeping Church

Jan 15

Our Review of Founded in Truth and why we think it is the family church for you!

A messianic fellowship is a type of church. FIT consists of families devoted to the gospel of Yeshua and the mission of bettering the world through His teachings. Unlike your typical Sunday church, FIT tries to keep the Bible and its observances very real and is not afraid to challenge the norms of the day. As a result, their community has grown to be a diverse and dynamic one. They are truly a church that keeps Sabbath.

Here they are collectively saying a blessing over the children. This is a tradition they do at every church service they have.

Founded in Truth Fellowship is an inclusive and family-friendly congregation. Their goal

 is to create a world that bears the image of God. They have strong community outreach efforts and engage heavily in the foster care system. The church is a welcoming and accepting place, with a strong emphasis on biblical and Old Testament teachings. You will feel at home at FIT because you will meet people from many different backgrounds. You'll be greeted by a welcoming, supportive atmosphere, and you'll be able to connect with the other members of FIT through prayer and worship.

The congregation at Founded in Truth Fellowship is unique because it follows the Sabbath and celebrates Biblical feasts. In addition to its regular Saturday services, FIT also hosts monthly family events and sponsors the foster-care system in South Carolina. While the church has moved to a new location, 1689 Springstreen rd. Rock Hill, SC 29732 the mission and community outreach continue. Despite its growth, FIT is an excellent choice for a family-friendly church. And, if you are looking for a more diverse congregation, look no further than Founder in Truth Fellowship.

Aside from the founding principles, the church has it's roots in Messianic Judaism. This Jewish movement emphasizes the importance of keeping the seven Torah annual Sabbath Holy Days, also known as the High Sabbath. They believe the festivals explain the purpose of God and are important reminders of His plan. And while the festival days are important, they are not the only holy days of the year. Most of them are arranged for the same time each year. Founded in Truth Fellowship keeps all of the seven annual holy days listed in the Torah, in Leviticus 23.

The group's members also follow much of the commandments given in the Torah.  According to the founders of the movement, the seven Torah-based Sabbath Holy Days reveal Messiah Jesus Christ. These seven days are also called High Sabbaths. These festivals reinforce the purpose of God's creation. The Israelites celebrate these feasts, which were ordained by YHVH (God). 

Check out this review of Founded in Truth Fellowship:

If you and your family are looking for a new church in the Charlotte, NC area, we highly recommend you visit Founded in Truth Fellowship.


Founded In Truth Fellowship
1689 Springsteen Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29730