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Rice Purity Test

Dec 2

The Rice Purity Test is a self-graded survey to assess participants' supposed innocence in worldly matters (in sex drugs deceit) and other activities assumed as vices. But nowadays it's usually just a hobby. Try it ONCE in a row at 18 years old / over age 18. Fun facts of Statistics Reports are available after completing the test. Try this once if you're 18+. Try only that when you're 18+ and Fun Facts and Statistics were available after your test. So it has been based on the original version of the rice question with questions about oral sex, sexual intercourse experience, and innocence test and if you have ever received oral sex.

The test comprises of 100 questions that covers aspects such as preferred sex, crime and drugs. The purity tests are taken by individuals themselves, simply requiring a yes or no answer to a list of hundred ‘Have you ever qzzXrtr43W9e' questions ranging from your preferred sex, oral sex, sex toy use, sexual intercourse, a sexual act with you or your partner's parents.

The Official Thresher rice purity test is a 100 question survey which started at Rice University Houston Texas. The purpose of a student being volunteered in Orientation Week was to have a better relationship with others and improve the skills the. These days the Rice University Purity Tests are normally taken for fun by young adults of different age groups as a way to measure one's levels of ‘purity’ Purity T was also used to track students' This test measures the level of.

Rice Purity Test is a 200-question test that focuses on a person's innocence in the sphere of worldly vices. It has a risk question relating to sex, the use of drugs and drug possession. The survey originated in 1924 from Rice University Houston Texas to gauge students' maturity and aid their bond to one another. Since long it had a life online and was a popular way to have fun with friends. The questions can be answered independently - just by selecting 'Yes' or 'No.', regarding your sexual intercourse outdoors.